Summer Urological Research Experience (SURE) at the Brady Urological Institute

As one of the leading urology departments in the world, the Brady Urological Institute plays a key role in the advancement in the understanding and treatment of urological diseases and cancer. As a part of the Department of Urology, the SURE Program is uniquely positioned to allow students to experience a research opportunity that will allow them to understand how advances at the bench can be translated to the bedside and how knowledge that can be gained from treating patients can then be translated back to the bench.

Research that occurs within the department draws from a diverse list of expertise to elucidate answers for the current paradigms in urologic oncology and other urologic diseases: cell biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, oncology, biomedical engineering, genetics, cellular and molecular medicine, and sexual dysfunction. During the 10 week program, students will conduct research related to the overall goal of their mentoring laboratory while attending a series of seminars and professional development workshops developed to provide the students with knowledge and skills that will prepare them for post graduate education (MD, PhD, or similar) and a career in biomedical research.

Housed in a department in which the clinical operations are closely tied to the ongoing research, students of the SURE Program are also offered an opportunity to view live surgical procedures and shadow clinicians to obtain a better understanding of how the field of urological medicine is practiced today. In a Department that utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to its research missions, the SURE Program is able to provide research opportunities in the areas of Cell biology, Biochemistry, Molecular biology, Oncology, Biomarker development, Biomedical engineering, Genetics, Immunology, Pharmacology and molecular sciences, Cellular and molecular medicine, and Sexual dysfunction. Additional information about the SURE Program can be obtained by viewing the program.